Jean Dubuis, 1919-2010

Jean Dubuis

Jean with translator and friend, Patrice

Josette Jourdain-Dubuis, Jean Dubuis, Sue House in Paris

Jean with LPN-USA president, Bill Van Doren, 1992

Jean with Hans Nintzel in Winfield, 1992

Jean Dubuis at first USA seminar, Winfield, IL in 1992

Mr. Dubuis was a respected 20th Century Alchemist, and author of courses and articles on Alchemy, Qabala & Esotericism.

Mr. Dubuis was a resident of France, and was a life-member of The Philosophers of Nature, which formerly distributed the courses he developed, and which engaged in research in these fields. Jean is continuing to develop new courses, and he regularly lectured in the US and France. Mr. Dubuis had an extensive background in physics and electronics, and worked for a major US electronics firm for 40 years. 

"My name is Jean Dubuis. I am, this present day that I write [1995], aged 76 years old, and I have a practice of esotericism of more than half a century. My esoteric researches started when I was twelve, after a tremendous inner experience; the invisible world had become for me as true as the world of matter where we live. From that time on, I never ceased trying to understand the nature of this experience, to find means to renew it if possible.

"This experience had shown me that there was another truth than the one of our visible world. I wished to be able to understand the nature and workings of this ordinarily invisible Universe. My researches started with books, where I didnít find much, so my early progress was rather slow. Much later, I found the only book that really helped me, the Sepher Yetzirah. After the ill success of books, I became a member of groups, of Rosicrucian or Martinist spirit. I did not find there really useful elements. Their habit of illegitimate secrecy led me far from these groups.

"It is in fact a persevering personal effort that lead me to renew my experience, and that resulted in my few contacts with the Eternity. From there on, I wrote three courses, one on Alchemy, one on Qabala, and one called The Fundamentals of Esoteric Knowledge. These lessons were finished some 15 years ago and I insured their distribution for 12 years. This work taught me a lot of things in the field of esoteric teaching. Today I have a lot to add to these lessons."

Author: Jean Dubuis; Translation: Patrice Maleze; Final Editing: Russ House

Jean Dubuis Honored as leading 20th Century Alchemist

In 1998, Jean Dubuis was named on the Alchemy Forum 1 as one of the "people who has become identified as continuing the alchemical tradition, and in this sense have become icons representing the continuation of alchemy in the 20th Century".

The other 20th Century Alchemists identified in this online newsgroup were Armand Barbault, Alexander von Bernus, Eugene Canseliet, Roger Caro, Archibald Cockren, Fulcanelli, Simon H., Manfred Junius, Alexandre Lachance, Lapidus, Augusto Pincaldi, Frater Albertus, and Solazaref.

1. An Internet email forum, as a feature of the Alchemy Virtual Library, operated by Adam McLean. See for subscription information.

Some articles by Jean Dubuis

  • The Preparation of a Powerful Spagyric Elixir without a Laboratory The occult powers of mistletoe are legendary, but, oak mistletoe is rare -- here is a practical solution that requires little laboratory work.

  • Of the Origin of Esoteric Teachings "The so called 'esoteric' teaching was transmitted orally and even fixed in writing, often in a coded way from the Wise men who made certain that Knowledge did not become a tool for power and domination. It is said that the library of Alexandria held numerous such books in which was transcribed the knowledge of men who had had Contacts. ... For each era of Humanity, this Inner Revelation must adapt to the Path already covered and express itself in a new language."

  • Limits and Possibilities of the Esoteric Initiatory Systems Keys concerning Qabalistic, Spagyric and Alchemical paths are given. "Each student on the Path has in mind the initiation which he expects will allow him to master his inner worlds, and especially the one on the level of the heart that gives a conscious contact between the little king of the Earth and the Inner Self. You must understand that the authentic Initiation is not given by anyone but the student himself, and more precisely by his Inner Self. It is said: 'When the student is ready, the master will appear'."

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